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What's it about?

You will learn about the world’s population and the crucial role of agriculture in feeding the steadily increasing number of people. You will then see how climate and soils dictate the types of farms we see in different regions and countries. You will then “drill down” and look at individual farms around the world. We will talk about how the farmers manage these farms, and why they do what they do. We will finish off with a look at the exciting new technologies that are transforming agriculture and the sustainability issues that farmers are dealing with in the 21st century.

key features

25 hours of High Quality e-Learning content 72 end of chapter quizzes 106 real world examples from various industries 30 PDUs Offered
4 LSSGB Simulation Exams 2 Glossaries for difficult terms & acronyms Collection of 47 six sigma tools for hands-on practice 3 case studies
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